rain fed organic cotton

Rain-fed organic cotton is best

It’s no secret that growing cotton takes a lot of water. You’d be forgiven for not know how many litres are used to grow the cotton of that tee you’re wearing right now, and for thinking that it’s all created equal. 🤔

But that’s not quite right.

Cotton is a thirsty plant and it takes 3000 litres of water to produce one regular tee. Or 1000 litres for one KG of cotton fabric! Thats enough water for one person to live on for 900 days!

Rain fed cotton on the other hand is grown during the rainy seasons so the plant can be watered by Mother Nature 🌬

Total harmony between Papatūānuku (Earth Mother) and Ranginui (Sky Father) 

It’s no wonder why our tees feel so amazing when they’re fed from the sky and clouds 💓