fast fashion

Thrifting is the way forward

Fast fashion has come under the harshest scrutiny since the shift towards more considered, ethically minded shopping.

Our hunger for newness, our need to keep up with the latest trends, our last-minute desire for a new dress to wear on a Friday night; these all come at a price and that price is the pollution of our natural environment.

Each garments is worn less and discarded quicker than ever before.

It is estimated that by 2025 the clothing waste accumulated between now and then will weigh as much as today’s world population.

We don’t want small animals to be choking on plastics they find in our oceans, nor do we think it’s right that blocks of Antarctic ice are now mired with sizeable chunks of polystyrene. We think it’s inexcusable that 300,000 tonnes of unwanted clothes are binned, not recycled, every year.

Our vision is a return to Slow Fashion, where quality garments can be made in a sustainable way and remain fashionable over time.  

This is why we have chosen to collaborate with emerging artists, where buyers can use their fashion choices to make a personal statement that protecting the environment is a priority, but still look unique.