Founding Story

Wear T-shirts Forever (WTF) is a New Zealand-based ethical clothing company crafting tees from GOTS certified organic cotton and printing them with exquisite original artwork. 

“I’ve always been in-love and utterly obsessed with fashion,” says Paris Jagger, founder of WTF. “As a young kid, I was glueing and crafting outfits for my Barbie dolls and begging my mum to teach me how to sew on her machine. As I grew up I realised the impact that fast fashion and short trends were having on the planet and decided I wasn’t going to be a part of it anymore. By the time I had completed my first year of university I realised it wasn’t enough to just boycott the brands, I had to give other people like me the option to buy sustainable and fashionable products.”

WTF is not just another t-shirt brand. Read on to found out why-


Ethical Production And Traceability

“Knowing who makes our tees is a huge issue for WTF and we have always strived to have the best practices in place throughout our supply chain. The wages and benefits given to staff must exceed the local minimum wage no matter where the employees are, and we work with our supplier to help these factories achieve this if they are not sitting in the pay bracket.”

WTF has partnered with Little Yellow Bird, a New Zealand B Corp Certified business, to produce their organic cotton garments. Through this partnership, WTF is ensuring their t-shirts are made sustainably right from the start – the cotton is responsibly sourced from cooperatives in Odisha, India, where the small-scale farmers produce high quality cotton using traditional farming techniques.

The team at WTF ensures all of their cotton tees are created responsibly. The supplier is held to high standards in regards to its manufacturing processes, and WTF ensures the workers are provided with fair, inclusive and ethical working environments throughout the entire supply chain. 

WTF also collaborates with local artists and designers for the original artwork proudly displayed on the t-shirts. These incredibly talented artists earn 50% of the profit from the sales of the t-shirts, as Paris and the WTF team want to give them “the platform to get their work out and earn something to continue to fund their creative practices.”


Sustainability and Circular Fashion

WTF is committed to sustainability and circular fashion, which is why the cotton tees are made in small runs and limited collections. In an effort to further their environmental responsibility, the sustainable cotton apparel is also screen-printed with water-based inks, and all scrap fabric from the production of the garments is repurposed.

“All of our tees are created with water consumption in mind and we use rain to feed the GOTS cotton that our tees are produced with,” Paris says of the cotton used for the t-shirts. “We also use a recycling water system for the tee dying process wherein 95% of the water can be re-used and the remaining 5% evaporated and utilised in bricks and roading – making the entire process zero waste. We can also collect our t-shirts at the end of their life cycles, and through our supplier, put them into a textile waste program to be stripped into fibre and reused or repurposed by other designers.”

Evidently, WTF is not just another t-shirt brand. Through the use of responsibly made and sourced GOTS organic cotton, as well as a dedication to ethical and sustainable production, this epic New Zealand-based apparel label is providing a better option for consumers looking to shop in alignment with their own values.