About Us

Paris started WTF (Wear T-shirts Forever) with a mission to change the way everyday staple fashion pieces such as tees are produced and consumed.


When Paris was at high school she studied the fashion industry and the amount of damage it was doing to the environment and to the people who work in terrible conditions making the garments that we all consume. This knowledge of changed the way Paris wanted to consume fashion - a shift from fast to slow.


Finding original, ethical, sustainable & affordable t-shirts that not only looked great but ticked all of her boxes was not easy, so Paris started designing her own.  Using Thrift Shop garments and her own art designs she made a series of t-shirts that friends and family all wanted to commission.


Having a love for everything to do with art and design, Paris is currently completing a design degree at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand.  


Paris's vision for the brand is to have fellow aspiring artists + design students produce art suitable for fashion t-shirts where they earn 50% of the profit from the t-shirt sales.


WTF is about making your own personal brand statement.  It's about choosing the environment over fast fashion.  It's about choosing to support aspiring artists.  And it's about cool designs, quality garments and Wearing T-shirts Forever! 

Paris Jagger sitting on stool